Astellas – Digital Survival Rate App...

Astellas have facts and figures coming out of their ears when it comes to the neccesary statistics in the medical world. But sometimes, you just need that something extra to really make a message hit home.

Let's go digital...

How can we better educate our health care professionals?

HCP’s are bombarded with paper work, notices and reports to inform them of best practices, new techniques and products that can benefit their patients.

But when they get such little time, it’s hard for them to read every word.

Survival Development

Astellas needed to explain the benefits of using a particular drug over another one, prescribed to patients after a liver transplant patients to enhance the healing, and to prolonge their survival after surgery.

It was clear to us that if there were statistics around this new drug, there was a calculation.  And with that, we could develop an app for an electronic device that could look nice, and present an individual HCP with a tailored idea of the improvement in survival rate at their own practice.

So, the aptly named ‘Survival App’ concept was born.

Design and Functionality

We had Astellas brand guidelines, and had to balance out their look alongside how the calculation would work. How it deliver a memorable message.

The Survival App needed to be:

  • On brand, with soft aesthetics
  • Open and inviting, over dry and formal
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Personal to the user.

When you’re educating, you’ve got to get to the point quickly.  So we looked to include minimal user input, slide bars for avoiding repetition, and a small number of screen that would output a comparrison stat, with an important message that said “If you did this, the increased survival rate at your practice could be this…”

With a wide level of expertise, EG Studios can develop apps for iPad, iPhone, Android or for the web. People are engaged with an app, purely by swiping and touching. And even if you're trying to get a message across to the most difficult of listener - people can't resist having a quick go on a piece of technology. Apps work - they work well.

Open the their eyes

We had some great feedback about the app, both from the client and from the users.

A bit of interaction captures the attention of the user, and by opening the app and spending less than a minute on it, it opens their eyes with a result that means something to them. Leaflets or reports are all good but the effort someone has to go to just to find the time to read it, let alone absorb the information can be hard.

Perhaps the next time you want to get a message across, speak to us about the array of digital options we can offer you for what you want to say.