Branding & Identity

Magnum – Soldiers....


Showcasing Magnum's premium grade of boots, workwear and uniform needed some impact.

It's own kind of 'shock and awe' tactic.

Magnum Equinox Army

The intelligence…

Magnum develop products alongside the very people who wear their clothing. And these people include the Police, The Military, and Special Operations.

We’d been brought in to enhance the look of a launch of something already important and impressive.


Taking a lesson…

We considered what the products were, when they are worn, and how they are used.

And it came to light that the other items of clothing and apparel people get modelled in situ.  Could this be done?

…and the big question: Is this the right thing to do for Magnum?


Well, we went with it. Was it a risk?  Possibly – but the people who wear Magnum’s apparel take risks every day of their lives.

So in comparrison, this was nothing.

Mannequins. Armed mannequins. Posed for combat.

It was a way to ensure everyone stood to attention.

And it worked. It created the impact that we were asked to create.
The design made a statement. The reality went beyond.