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Inmarsat EAN Graphics – Aircraft Interiors...

Imnarsat are the pioneer and world leader in mobile satellite communications, and are in front of everybody else in their field.

They've trusted EG Studios with their brand for years, knowing that we'll keep up the pace alongside them when they want something new.

Communicating the European Aviation Network

Inmarsat always cause a stir at Aircraft Interiors with their presence.

This time round was no different, but they wanted to turn stand out even more.

This is where exciting, eye-catching design needed to leap out at everyone, and make them want to learn.


Inmarsat were shouting about their world class, flexible aviation connectivity options.

They wanted their visitors to be attracted to what they wanted to say, and learn about their offering.

Their flexibility extended from their connectivity to how we created this attraction – and with that we knew we’d deliver something special.


Key Messages and Great Aesthetics

We’re well versed with their brand guidlines, and we knew that we had a bit of creative licence with this.

For us, our mission was to:

  • Attract the visitor – ensure everybody noticed the installation.
  • Make the key messages on brand, large and clear.
  • Create a talking point.

We knew decided on a concept that would encapsulate all of that, and also make the client’s eyes widen when they saw it for the first time.

So we designed a hub. A central station where the visitor had all the key information and interactives that they needed to learn about the Inmarsat European Aviation Network.

Clear signage, statements and wording was a given,

But it was the draw. The draw REALLY worked. It attracted the senses and the finished hub drew you in.

And that was down to the subtle hanging neon lights that could be spotted in and amongst an array of pretty plain surroundings. It made people wonder...and as they drew closer, their intrigue made them read what was going on, and engage with the interactives.